Sandmen (D&D 4.0)

Troubled minds in troubled times

The Dream

After successfully exploring the clockwork temple and finding the artifact for Max, the heroes began to drift apart. Khail bid the group farewell as he headed off to find a location for his castle, and to begin building his army. The others, too, went their separate ways. A month passes.

The dream is always the same. You can’t remember exactly when it started, but every time you sleep, the dream is always the same. You feel yourself in vertigo; spinning, falling. When your senses clear you are in a forest. A dark and oppressive shadow seems to blanket everything. You feel as if you were being watched. You are lost. Panic sets in. How did you get here? Where are you? How can you get back? There! Up ahead, you see something. Through the leaves and vines you see it: a massive pyramid. It seems to shimmer with malevolence.

A voice thunders over you. I am Karavakos, lord of this realm. All who trespass shall be trapped for eternity! I’ll swallow your souls!

Then, finally, as the dream begins to fade, you see an image of Khail. He is chained and bound, hanging from the wall. He is bloody, beaten. He looks up and groans, “help.”

You wake up, covered in sweat, heart racing. You are left with the image of the pyramid and Khail.

When you talk to your other companions, you find that they have all had the same dream. What could it mean?

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