A wandering archer that shoots first, then some more, and then asks whether the target was a friend or foe later.


Castle appears to be a human in his late twenties of extordinary grace and agility. Castle’s features are of Cyrian descent. He keeps his hair trimmed short as one custom to being in the military, his beard is short and neatly trimmed into chops, and he also wears two gold bands in each ear held in place by small carved pieces of bone.

Castle stays in his leather armor, far removed from the Cyre regalia before the Mourning. He carries a unique short bow that can call upon the rumbling thunder of storms to help him in battle. Castle also carries two short swords and dagger tucked into his boot. Castle’s armor is made of addergrease leather, though rarely seen, it is known to poison a would be attacker.

Castle carries with him the hardships of a past that has long haunted him. He can tend to be chaotic in actions, shooting first on assumptions, and shrugging the consequences. He is a powerful ally in battle, his arrows hitting marks no mere human should be able to hit. He however lacks social skills, and is prone to narcolepsy when in socially high situations (secretively envying Khaile’s “Let’s drink and talk” technique.)

Castle is none-the-less willing to stand with his friends, the Sandmen (or the endearing name of Frienemies) to end in battle, or until he accidently puts arrows into his companions.


Pt. 1
Kaid “Castle” Greycastle was born in Metrol, Cyre to his father Partician Karth Greycastle of the Cyran Military and his mother Partician Linda Greycastle, his father a Specialist Scout and a Specialist Alchemist and Herbalist to the Royal Family of Cyre.

Kaid’s childhood years were wonderful, and his family prospered. He grew up in close connection to the Royal Family Wynarn. Kaid enjoyed the games of his youth pretending to be a warrior of Cyre and hunting in the gardens his mother cared for while his father was away from Metrol. Kaid was given a formal education in reading and writing, Cyrian history, religion, herbalism, alchemy, and magic with his close childhood friend Oargev, currently the exiled prince, due to his mother and father’s unyeilding loyalty to the Royal Family and Cyre.

Kaid and Oargev’s friendship continued after their youthful education well into the military service, and beyond. Kaid began service in the city of Metrol until receiving approval to train as Specialist of the Cyran Military. Oargev and Kaid went on with their own respected destinies, and their friendship remained ever intact.

Unfortunately, Kaid was not approved to join his father’s unit in the Cyrian military, but was ordered to be trained by Specialist Scout Davos the Ravenous. Kaid’s father was not pleased with the order and suspected that Davos had manipulated the new recruit assignment. Kaid’s father did encourage him to remain strong, and trust in his training until Kaid’s father could change his assignment.

The unit called the Black Renders of Cyre was known for their ruthless and questionable tactics in hunting down highwaymen, rebels, criminals, and war parties. The Black Renders of Cyre were not known to bring their prey back alive. Kaid’s education was not pleasant, but served to temper the young man’s tolerance and respect for his superiors, because the consequences out weighed the complaints. Davos was quick to remind Kaid of the consequences, and Kaid spent many hours tied to the whipping post for disobedience or other punishments that would render the flesh from Kaid’s body.

Before the Day of Mourning the Black Renders were ordered to the Southwestern area of Kalazart. Reports of rebels to the Royal Family were organizing within the area, the Black Renders were ordered to scout and report. This day was the Day of Mourning, and the area the Black Renders were sent to errupted into living spells ravaging the lands. What took place Southwest of Kalazart, now known as the Field of Living Spells, is unknown.

Karth searched the within the Mists till his search finally ended South of Lake Cyre. He found his son, his body was cold, frozen in the final moments of death, and his body having what appeared a mortal wound. Karth was torn. He finally found his son and felt overjoyed, and then he felt grief of the loss of his son. Karth gathered the remains of his son and swiftly left the borders of the Mist as quickly as he had come.

The Greycastle family made their home in a Breland, hidden from the world they mourned the loss of their son. They cleaned and dressed his body and prepared it for burial, and for two days they offered prayers to the Sovereign Host so that their son’s soul may find its way to them in the afterlife. Unknown to his father and mother, his body grew warm each day, the wounds of battle healed beneath the cloth, and life was returning to Kaid. On the third night a terrible scream awoke the Greycastle family. Karth and Linda rushed into the living quarters of their small cabin to find a thrashing creature covered in a burial shroud fighting to be freed from within. Karth and Linda stood in horror and silence as the creature writhed and twisted as the shroud was torn revealing the image Karth and Linda did not expect, the writhing creature was not the undead but their living son, Kaid. Karth and Linda’s first word was one of shock, curiosity, and affirmation spoken in unison, “Son.”

Kaid returned to find his body bound, his world one of darkness, and the last moments of battle seeking to claim what Death held no claim to now. Kaid was in the throws of madness, and he sought his freedom before he would let the darkness have him. Kaid’s body awakened, contorting and cracking, and clawing the cloth from his face. Glimmers of light grew brighter by moments till his eyes were free and stung by the brightness of candlelight as if having gazed directly into the sun. Kaid fell to the floor screaming in pain, on his knees, a broken wretch, his emotions begging and pleading through tear filled eyes for comfort. An answer came in the form of the voices of his father and mother.

Pt. 2

Time passed as time will do, and Kaid recovered from his wounds, but the mental and emotional wounds echoed in the form of night terrors. Reoccurring nightmares of the Living Spells errupting all around him tearing at Kaid’s mind, body, soul. Nightmares of Death coming to claim what was once rightfully his only to be stolen away. Nightmares of the Black Renders changing into horrible abominations grins of satisfaction and bloodlust. Kaid dreamed, dreams so real Kaid awoke with fresh wounds from the trauma, till his mother intervened. Linda used herbal remedies to ease the pain of her son, and sedate him long enough to sleep. Karth and Linda spent many sleepless nights watching over their son hoping that one morning he would wake and find peace.

A year passed, and Kaid was determined to leave his past in the Mournlands, and begin anew here in the country as more and more refugees from Cyre formed a small village together. The Greycastles brought together the refugees and formed a community that would survive the coming months. Linda assisted in tending the lands, finding appropriate soil to plant vegetables that would yield crops quickly and substain the village. Karth and Kaid organized the men of the village into hunting groups and watchmen to bring in game and to protect the village from immediate dangers. Under the leadership of the Greycastles the village prospered quickly, and given the dangers of the country side they now called their home, with few casaulities of the year.

Karth watched his son, he studied Kaid noticing subtle differences in the man that hunted with him now and compared them to the memories of the boy he knew in Cyre. Karth notcied patience, skill, and a natural endurance and agility innate to the Greycastle family name. Karth also noticed the chaos within his son, the moments of recklessness, and the bloodlust that disturbed him. Karth blamed his self for not working harder protect his son from the Black Render, from the cruel and evil Davos the Ravenous that no doubt twisted his boy into this beast like hunter. Karth took the time to reintroduce Kaid to the bow and reawaken his natural talent for archery, and retrain Kaid as he should have years ago.

Linda watched as the young women of the village fawned over Kaid, competing for his attentions. Linda knew not one young woman that hunted her son would find him easy prey, but one young woman proved Linda wrong. Elera a half-elven woman with golden hair like rays of sun shine along the swaying stalks of wheat, captivating blues eyes, soft lips like rose petals, and skin that glistened with a tanned honey color. The description remembered word for word as Kaid first described his interest in Elera. Linda watched as love blossomed between Kaid, her little boy, and Elera, her soon to be daughter-in-law. Linda was certain Kaid and Elera would be together, and be married in the following spring.

Three years had passed, Kaid and Elera were married in the spring as Linda had predicted. The event was a simple but spectacular event for the village. Dancing, games, toasts of honey mead, and a feast that topped of the evening’s events. Kaid and Elera married in traditional Cyrian fashion for farmers.

Rich or poor, Kaid and Elera only needed each other to weather the storm. Kaid had found the simple and peaceful life he always wanted. The terrors of his past no longer haunted him, and life seemed forever brighter.

A weather beaten wide brimmed hat shadowed the features of the being’s face. A simple cloak covered it’s shoulders and the comfortable robes of a wanderer drapped over it’s form. An elegant staff lay cradled in the arms of this figure with the lands of Eberron carved into it’s length with incredible prefection. The being stood among the villagers always unnoticed, always undetected. He watched Kaid often, returning throughout the years to mark the progress of his Chosen. The Traveler felt unusual sensations towards Kaid it felt love, it felt pain, it felt anger, and it felt remorse. The Traveler felt confident in it’s actions and tried to dismiss these emotions, but they lingured. The Traveler’s lips twitched into a curious grin, but faded into a frown of pain his lips parted again a whisper passing into the open air, “I am sorry.” The Traveler sighed waving his staff and faded away into the dusk.

Kaid turned to look into distant tree line as the sun slowly faded below the horizon. Kaid’s mind was set a flame, a voice he had not heard in years spoke to him, and fear entered his heart. The terrible nightmares of his past awakened for one brief moment, and then were washed away with a brush of an unseen hand. Kaid was once again comforted, protected, and happy.

Pt. 3 (Coming Soon)

Own a Stronghold and land
Breed Dire Turkeys
Breed War Horses
Learn who killed his Father and Mother
Reunite with Oargev
Rebuild Cyre
Find a legendary artifact of Archery
Learn to create an Arrow of Death


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