Half-Orc warrior specializing in using a greatsword to smash his enemies and take their heads.


Khail is a half-orc with greyish skin. He stands 6’7" tall, and is very muscular. He also moves with incredible grace. He is usually found wearing a wicked set of crimson colored plate armor. Often drunk, always loud, Khail prefers to solve conflict with his sword. Though he has been known to settle more than one dispute over a few pints of ale. He is a mercenary, but is also very loyal to his friends. He is a reliable ally and a fearsome enemy.


His mother was a fierce mercenary. The Crimson Blade, as she was known, relied on her agility to avoid attacks, rather than wearing heavy armor. She fought for many years eventually leading a small mercenary band. Her second in command, a hulking Orc named Grom, saved her life many times, and she his. It was through the years of constant companionship that their relationship was born. Though they never married, they did have a child, Khail.

Khail was very young when his parents died. The Crimson Company, as his parent’s group was known, was hired to defend the castle of a minor noble from a small force of undead. It was supposed to be an easy job, but they pay was very nice.

Things didn’t go well. What was supposed to be a small group of zombies, was in fact, the personal army of a great necromancer. Ghouls, Wights, and other horrors stormed the castle. The Crimson Company was no match for the sheer numbers of undead. They fell, betrayed by an unknown enemy, lured to their deaths by a high paying contract.

Khail was sent to an academy. His parents had set aside instructions and money for him in the case of their deaths. He spent a few years there, learning the blade. He was always a bit stronger than his peers, and he excelled with the heavy blades that they could not wield. On the day he turned 16, he left the academy, ready to make his own way in the world.

He traveled the world, wandering from town to town, forest to forest. His days were spent defending the weak, testing his might against worthy opponents, and getting in drunken brawls. As he traveled, he felt as if he were searching for something. He wanted something to fight for: a cause. It had been 2 years since he left the academy, and great things were happening all around him. His fate would soon come calling.


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