An orc general. An heroic figure from the Last War.


Kharad-Kul was an anomaly. An orc, born to a bloodthirsty and barbaric tribe, he was shorter and smarter than most. Though it was very difficult for him, he used his wits to come out on top. He eventually led a small group of loyal orcs on an assassination mission. They sneaked into the camp of a powerful warlord, who in the past had taunted and bullied Kharad-Kul, and murdered him in his sleep. The rule of law in orcish society (such as it is) states that titles are gained by killing the holder. As such, Kharad-Kul became a general.

His mercenary band was nigh unstoppable. Combining the fierce strength of the orcs with his shrewd leadership, they won battle after battle. Eventually their reputation grew. During the last war, Kharad-Kul led his men into battle after battle, slowly making his way north.

In the chaos of the war, Kharad-Kul disappeared. No one knows what happened to him and his men. His legend lives on.



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