Madame Frayzia

A seer living in Atur.


Madame Frayzia’s past is shrouded in mystery. Her clients, who come to her seeking answers to questions of lost loved ones, business transactions, or general fortunes, always seem to spend the entire conversation answering questions, learning nothing about her.

She is old, human, grey of hair but with wild red eyes. One can’t help but feel the magic coming from her, almost in waves. She is touched by powers incomprehensible. When she speaks, she does so in whispers. Those around her can’t help but sit in nervous silence hanging on to her every word.

She makes her home in Atur, the city of shadow. Her name is known far across the land as a holder of secrets. Many an adventurer has sought her out to answer a riddle, or help them find their destiny. Without judgment she helps them, paragon and fiend alike, but not without a price. There is always a price, though it is not always in gold.


Madame Frayzia

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