Max Pandathaway

Max Pandathaway is a human male artificer who is seeking information regarding the lost "Clockwork King".


Max Pandathay is a human male about 6 feet tall, reddish hair, light brown eyes, moderately athletic body. He’s usually dressed in nice clothes, fairly expensive but durable cloth cut in a practical manner. It’s easy to tell at a glance that he’s one of those tinkerers, gizmo makers. Bronze and steel gadgets, widgets, and doohickies peek from his every pocket. He often carries a heavy case from which one can glimpse all manner of interesting paraphernalia.


Who is this guy Max Pandathaway?

Apparently he’s rich, or at least he was at one time. He’s got an educated kind of air, not pretentious, but knowing how things work, or being interested in how they do. He’s an engineer, but with magic and metal, gears and sprockets and spells and springs all fitting together into widgets and gadgets and mechanical things. He’s also a bit of a treasure hunter, not so much for gold, although that’s nice too. But he hunts for knowledge, secrets, interesting spells and ideas. Sure, gold is important, because often the best way to get what you want is to simply buy it, pay a fair price, there you go, one cool trick or gizmo, thank you sir, come again!

What does he look like?

He’s human, reddish hair, tallish, well built, kind of athletic but not amazingly so. He’s young, not yet out of his twenties, but he’s got good stock in him, noble stock. Come to think of it, Pandathaway sounds like a noble family name from the Aundair region, which explains a lot about him, the way he talks and acts, like he’s taking a college credit course in adventuring or something. “Will the dragon be on the final, sir?”

He’s a bit sarcastic at times, but not to damage or seriously dismay, all in good fun. He just loves the repartee and the art of the “burn”, or well-placed insult in jest.

He’s currently fascinated with legends and material surrounding something or someone called “The Clockwork King”. Having recently come into additional material regarding this mystery (unearthed in the swamps of Darguun), he finds himself needing something to do to pay the bills, as it were, while he works to decrypt and decipher his latest find.

Current Alchemy Recipes as of Dec 2010 Master Mixer:*
Thunderstone (Rng 10, Area Burst 1, 8 vs Fort. Dam 1d4 thunder damage pushed 1 sq and deafened)
Tracking Dust (Area; 5 contiguous squares +7 percept. check to tracking within area)
Woundpatch (
5 hp regained on next healing surge)
Tethercord (Rng 5/10; 6 vs Ref, if successful, target restrained to within 3 squares)
Blastpatch (
12 vs ref; 2d8 fire or 1d8 cold + immob. or 1d8 lightning + combat adv.)

  • Master Mixer: Can mix alchemy recipes up to Current Level +3

Max Pandathaway

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