Happy and upbeat the majority of the time, Teun attempts to be both a morale booster for his comrades as well as himself (as most of his time has been spent alone…well, at least during the day). He loves maneuvering through important people and families, and makes full use of his diplomatic skills to do so, while simultaneously remaining unknown and unrecognizable. This spawns from his desire to be well known, yet not have the identity be pinpointed on him (think Casanova). However this isn’t unique to his more fun exploits, as whenever he does something on a more “heroic” front, he will generally disappear before credit can be given to him. However, he does hold a strong belief in the tenants of Olladra, and will do whatever is necessary to uphold them (in addition to the other deities he worships, though Olladra is his primary focus).


Born to an offshoot of the Ghallanda family in the Talenta Plains, when Teun was born with no apparent dragonmark it was seen as an unfortunate occurrence. However, Teun’s family (as well as the rest of the tribe) was a very open-minded and accepting family, and firmly believed in the tenants of Balinor, Olladra, and Arawai, so Teun was wholeheartedly accepted and loved by his family as well as amongst the tribe.
As Teun was growing up, it was consistently noticed throughout the tribe that he had a knack for being diplomatic, understanding, an excellent and convincing writer, and overall, extremely good with just about anyone. It even grew to the point where he became the primary “diplomat” for the tribe, as there was rarely an instance where a person could say, “no” to Teun’s charm, whether it be written or spoken (there was one major incident, involving a very unfortunate misinterpretation of what Teun insists was an extremely logical legal document, which ended up infuriating the major leaders of House Ghallanda, though it was eventually understood and forgiven, but the Halflings prefer to not talk about it). After a night out with a rather attractive female Halfling (his way with words wasn’t only used to solve political and economic issues), the two ended up lying next to each other for quite some time under the night sky (in a rather secluded area, for certain…special reasons), and the girl noticed that there was a faint, emanating light coming from Teun’s body. After Teun made a failed attempt at acting as if it was nothing significant, the girl realized that he did in fact have a dragonmark, the Mark of Scribing. After that instance, it became common knowledge among the small tribe that Teun was unique, and after being unable to escape a somewhat celebrity status (as well as the constant scrutiny from any parent of a female Halfling between the age of 16 and 22), 20 year old Teun decided to travel the world and discover the wonders of life on Eberron.
Although he got off to a bumpy start (attempting to steal money from a Thieves Guild is never a good idea, and sleeping with the already engaged daughter of a noble is an even worse one), he eventually figured out how he could fit in to the grander scheme of things, and was able to find his niche in society. And all the while he was cautiously concealing his dragonmark in order to remain as insignificant and faceless as possible.


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